Transforming Trauma


Coming September 25, 2015

HCCAC is working with Patti Hethershaw, Founder of Perpetual Resonance and a seasoned victim advocate based in Austin to bring Laura van Dernoot Lipsky of the Trauma Stewardship Institute to the Hill Country to provide her unique and compelling mix of personal insight and cutting-edge research to our six county multidisciplinary team.

It has been said that no one is better than Laura at conveying the cumulative impact of ongoing exposure to suffering or trauma. Audience members frequently experience a shock of recognition as Laura describes the toll their work as helpers to other people or the planet may be taking on their personal and professional lives. For the first time, many understand what they have been going through.

Laura’s concept of stewardship is based around the idea that a deeper understanding of trauma exposure and the tools for navigating systems will enable people to do their work better. Her keynotes often touch listeners to the core, but she never fails to inspire audiences with laughter and a profound sense of hope. Many participants leave these sessions with a renewed sense of purpose and fresh optimism about the possibilities for transformation.

Trauma Stewardship Institute

Beyond the Cliff | Laura van Dernoot Lipsky | TEDx Washington Corrections Center for Women